Regular version limited to 100 with A5 booklet.

Upgrade version limited to 106 with A5 booklet, sticker and extra cloth jacket.

Die Hard version limited to 94 sets with A5 booklet, 2x stickers, extra Chinese calligraphy jacket, extra cloth jacket, poster, patch and shirt. Hosted in a special cardboard box.

Co-release with Pest Productions. They will handle all sales and no copy will be available from me. Order at: http://pestproductions.storenvy.com/

PS: I have the last few copies of the Mosquito Control tape left, they probably won't last too long.

Torturous Sludge/Doom Metal influenced by Burning Witch, Khanate, Saint Vitus, Noothgrush, Winter & Thergothon.
Limited to 60.

The entire promo tape is up for streaming:

Hoodie + tape pack also available. Zip-up hoodie with golden embroidered logo.
ONLY 4 AVAILABLE. 1x XL, 2x L, 1x M.

Click for photo of the hoodie.

Tape: http://taphephobia.storenvy.com/products/568854-mosquito-control-nz-promo-2012-tape
Tape + Hoodie pack: http://taphephobia.storenvy.com/products/568857-mosquito-control-nz-tape-hoodie-pack

New Zealanders email me at godgrinder666@gmail.com to order.

Coming next: Zuriaake (CN) - Afterimage of Autumn / Winter Mirage DLP (co-release with Pest Productions)


News July 2012


BELL012: Satan's Satyrs (US) - "Wild Beyond Belief!" Tape
Rockin' Doom Punk influenced by Electric Wizard, Black Flag, Davie Allan & The Arrows etc. Tape version of the debut album.

SOLD OUT from us, last copies available at:
BELL011: Von Goat (US) - "Disappear" CD
New band by S. Goat, the ex-mastermind behind the influential American black metal band Von. Obscure and hypnotic black metal with sinistrous atmosphere.

BELL010: Even Less (CN) - "Soundtrack to a Wasted Day" Tape
The very first Depressive Rock band in China. Beautiful and melancholic music produced under the influences of Katatonia, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Anathema, Mono etc. Features 3 studio tracks plus an excellent cover of "The Day the World Went Away" by Nine Inch Nails. Light a cigarette and enjoy this melancholic moment.

Order at: http://taphephobia.storenvy.com/

_Half digested remains of Black Metal songs spewed into a Noisecore container then seasoned with massive layers of oscillator-driven noise. 2 limited vinyl releases complied onto 1 factory pressed real silver CD. 16 tracks including cover versions of Roky Erickson, Hokago Teatime, Depeche Mode & Eason Chan. Limited to 200.

The entire CD is up for streaming here:

NZ$14 postpaid worldwide, paypal to godgrinder666@gmail.com
or NZ$10 + postage when ordering with other items.
Locals please email for bank details and postage.

Some last copies of the 12" still available, NZ$30 each.


Deep Mountains (Chn) - S/T CD NZ$5
"Another promising atmospheric Black Metal outfit dwelled in Shandong of northern China, revealing the dual nature of tranquillity and epic-ness represented through the use of traditional Chinese musical elements. The EP is a finely composed poetry dedicated to the pine forest and streams; the worship to the grand mountains and cloud sea. For great fans of mighty Zuriaake!"

Heaving Earth (Cze) - Vision of the vultures CDr NZ$5
"Ferocious and dark Death metal influenced by Immolation, old Hate eternal and Morbid angel."

Herpes (Fra) - Doomsday CDr NZ$5
"Morbid Death metal influenced by Autopsy, with Death breath and early Death touches."

Necros (Fra) / Abnorm (Fra) - Split Tape NZ$8
"Upcoming Death black from France the obscure way!"

Nerlich (Fin) - Innards Tape NZ$8
"4 tracks of Death metal from the grave!"

Nethilith (UK) - From Nothingness Tape NZ$9
"Twisted, dark and obscure death metal from England. The tentacles will rip your mind apart. Influenced by Demilich, Convulse, Nirvana 2002, Autopsy and Abhorrence."

Satan's Satyrs (US) - Lucifer Lives! Tape NZ$9
Raw doom punk influenced by Electric Wizard and Black Flag.

Ummon (Fra) - Retreat CDr NZ$5
"Technical experimental death thrash / Industrial (ex Abyssal suffering)."

Velvet Cacoon (US) - Genevieve CD NZ$13
Black/Post Metal, velvet cover version.

News Sep 2011


We are proud to announce that we will be releasing the new Von Goat album "Disappear" on CD format in conjunction with Pest Productions soon. Von Goat is the new band formed by Goat, the mastermind behind the influential American black metal band Von. The album is currently available for streaming on their Bandcamp page.

I'm currently overseas and will be back home on the Nov 23rd, I'm not able to handle any orders before that but we might release a limited Torch of Decaying Log shirt soon-ish and it will be shipped to the customers straight from the printer.

Altars 12" would hopefully be released next Jan, we are working on a Torch of Decaying Log anthology CD too.
Moronic and schizophrenic blackened audial hatred from New Zealand. 6 new tracks + 3 cover tracks of Roky Erickson, Hokago Teatime & Depeche Mode.
Limited to 30.


NZ$30 each, order at:

Postage for one copy:
NZ: NZ$8
Oz: NZ$9.5
North America/Asia: NZ$17.4
Europe: NZ$19
South America: NZ$22

Filthy Sludge/Punk under the influences of Black Flag, Burning Witch, Electric Wizard etc. This is the debut offering from this duo featuring Clayton of Satan's Satyrs on bass and drums.